A decade ago, a beast called Crohn’s disease hit me. I was a frail teenager, with friends that were nerds, whose life was only about studying, videogames and reading sci-fi and fantasy. That event changed my life completely. In the next years, a series of misfortunes followed.

In that darkest moment I found the knowledge necessary to get out of that slump. Yes, I had fire in my bones, I was motivated to get out but if somebody on the Internet did not share his knowledge about nutrition, health, artificial stressor, dopamine,… How could I have understood that my autoimmune disease was related to grains, that my mental health was destroyed by porn and videogames and the reason I was restless was that I did not have a mission in my life?

The road to wellness

With these writings I am speaking to my old-self. I want to bring the largest possible audience of young and old men, the things that are under the radar in the mainstream culture. Nutrition, mental health, stress management, career, business, ancient history. In essence how I am trying to live a strong and healthy life, a good life.

If somebody can improve even a little detail of his life, following what I share, I will accomplish my objective. My mission is to achieve wellness, in the most holistic sense you could imagine. These writings are an attempt to summarize the knowledge that I am acquiring in the real life in my journey towards it.

I make you a promise, dear reader. I will speak about topics only when I have skin in the game.